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Sales Representative - Maui

Football. Fearless. Nerf Ball.

Christian’s Story

I’m 28-years-old from Honolulu, Hawaii. I’m married to my beautiful wife Vanessa and we have a 14-year-old son named Christian with a baby on the way!  

Growing up with a strong Christian faith, I had multiple leadership roles, and started working at a young age. I learned to serve others and their needs and how a positive attitude with a smile can set the environment for myself and everyone around me. Everyday, instead of being like a thermometer that reflects what’s going on around me, I like to be the thermostat that sets the environment for everyone.

I started working at the age of 16. I learned the value of hard work. From being a janitor, to sales associate, to store manager, and now to Account Rep for Gravity, no matter what job I was doing, I would always remind myself, “There is no substitute for hard work. Have fun and make it happen!”

Christian Ocariza
Sales Representative - Maui

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Christian Trivia

  • Favorite Food: Burgers, nachos, tacos, spring rolls, donuts…anything that doesn’t require utensils to eat are all my favs!
  • Favorite Movie: Marvel movies and, of course, Harry Potter movies.
  • Favorite Book: Not much of a reader, but I have picked up a couple Harry Potter books. Wingardium Leviosa!
  • Favorite Gravity Merchant: ALL OF EM!
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