Say hello to Blair

Business Analyst

Video Games. House Targaryen. Liz Lemon.

Blair’s Story

I was born and raised in Washington in the amazing Puget Sound. I completed my bachelors in mathematics at WWU in 2014. Since then I have continued on my career path by learning from a great bunch of wonderful people through the greater Seattle area. I have far too many stories and experiences to even begin to describe who I am and how I have been shaped, but suffice it to say there have been many and they are enjoyable footnotes in the book of my life.

I am happy to tell some tales over lunch or coffee break, and can’t wait to hear from others!

…oh yes, and the fun fact: I can’t eat melted cheese.

I am excited to bring my experiences and background to Team Gravity because I believe I can help to improve the ever-growing community of members and great minds in a supportive and encouraging role. I look forward to interacting and learning with my new team and growing with them. More so, I am eager to showcase my creativity, hard work, and dedication to analytics in the coming months. I hope everyone will come to see me as a reliable member and a valued part of Team Gravity!

Blair Trivia

  • Favorite Food: Asian Cuisine or Holiday Staples
  • Favorite Movie: There is never A favorite, only FAVORITES.
  • Favorite Book: A song of Ice and Fire.
  • Favorite Quote:Choose to make it a better day.” – Mom
  • Hobbies: F.O.M.O. It keeps me going, even when I want to curl up and enjoy a nice long nap.
This is just one great person in Finance!

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