Say hello to Austin

Deployment Representative

Hullabaloo. Tortellini. Caboodle.

Austin’s Story

Travel and learning are the two passions I’ve followed to become who I am today. Having lived in Europe for a good portion of my life probably contributes to the former, and the latter I’d say comes from being lucky in always finding myself surrounded by interesting and curious people willing to share their experiences and ideas.

Learning and communication is always the forte of a good business and its employees, and with the help of my new coworkers and manager, I believe I can do the best job possible for all our small business owner merchants!

Austin Trivia

  • Favorite Food: Does coffee count?
  • Favorite Movie: Bedazzled (1967)
  • Favorite Book: The Lord of The Rings
  • Hobbies: Movies, basketball, swimming
  • Favorite Quote: “The mind reflects the world, and the world, the mind. Beauty in one can drown sorrow in the other.” – Unknown
This is just one great person in Deployment!

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