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Sales Representative - San Diego

Chargers. Golf. Sushi.

Anthony’s Story

I am originally from Agana Heights Guam. My father was in the military, so we eventually moved to El Centro, CA where I lived for 18 years. Eventually, I made my way to San Diego thanks to school. I attended San Diego State University from 2012-2016 where I received my B.S. in Kinesiology-Pre Physical Therapy. For a long time, I wanted to pursue a career in physical therapy, but I realized a career in sales was the place for me.I LOVE sports. Specifically, professional/college football, college basketball, and golf.

I grew up a die hard Charger fan in a house full of Raider fans. I don’t know what happened to the rest of my family, but obviously I grew up the right way (sorry to anyone that’s a Raider’s fan out there). I played golf and football since I was a child and I did play golf at SDSU on the JV team. I never played in the matches, but you can’t beat free golf.

Everyone has experiences in their life that molds them into the person they are today. For me, it was growing up without my father. I met him when I was 15 years old, so I learned at a young age I had to grow up fast. I pride myself on being mature beyond my years and having a good head on my shoulders.

I have always found it easy to connect with people, because I love discovering peoples’ interests and getting to know their story. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and I love finding ways to be a positive impact in their lives. Being able to be a positive influence in peoples lives has been a huge motivating factor of mine. I believe carrying this over into Gravity will help me connect with multiple merchants and help them become part of the Gravity family.

Fun Fact: You will never catch me dancing in public, because I am terrified. But, the truth is I love dancing.

Anthony Weber
Sales Representative - San Diego

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Anthony Trivia

  • Favorite Food: Sushi or a good steak are the ways to my heart.
  • Favorite Movie: All Jurassic Park movies
  • Hobbies: Golf, bodybuilding, and taking my pups to the beach.
  • Favorite Quote: “Find out what it is you want and go after it as if your life depends on it. Why? Because it does.” – Les Brown
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