1. On the main screen, select the Sale option.
  2. This will take you to a new menu.
  3. On the new menu, select Void.
  4. The main screen should now say Void on the right side.
  5. Enter in the amount you want to void.
  6. Press the green OK key.
  7. To confirm the amount, press the green OK key again.
  8. The terminal may prompt you to enter in a manager password.
  9. If necessary, enter in the password.
  10. Press green OK key to confirm password.
  11. The terminal will prompt you to tap, insert, swipe, or key enter in the customer’s credit card.
  12. If the customer’s credit card is present, you can swipe it now. If it’s a chip card, you can insert it in the EMV slot located at the bottom of the terminal.
  13. If the card is not present, type in the credit card number on the keypad.
  14. The terminal will prompt you to search for the transaction.
  15. Press the green OK key to search for the transaction.
  16. If the terminal screen is showing the transaction you want to void, press Select.
  17. It will now void the transaction.
  18. A receipt will print.