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How to: Run A Refund Dejavoo Z9

This brief video shows you how to run a refund on the DejavooZ9 Credit Card Terminal by First Data.

How To run a refund on the Dejavoo Z9 Credit Card Terminal

Watch this how to video to run a refund on the Dejavoo Z9 Credit Card Terminal offered through Gravity Payments credit card processor.

Step by Step instructions: How To Run A Refund on Dejavoo Z9


  1. From the main screen, your terminal will default to the Sale option.
  2. Press Sale.
  3. A new menu will appear where you’ll see a list of options – Sale, Return, Void, Auth, Ticket.
  4. Select Return.
  5. Your screen should say Return on the right hand side.
  6. Enter in amount for the refund.
  7. Press green OK key to confirm the refund amount.
  8. Press green OK key again to confirm.
  9. The terminal may prompt you for a manager password.
  10. Enter in the password.
  11. Press green OK key to confirm.
  12. The terminal will ask you to tap, insert, swipe, or enter in the card number.
  13. For a chip card, insert the card into the EMV slot located at the bottom of the terminal.
  14. If it’s a magnetic stripe card, swipe the card now.
  15. The terminal will now connect.
  16. It will now prompt you to give the terminal to you customer to sign for the refund.
  17. Once they’ve signed, press the green OK key.
  18. A receipt will print.
  19. It will also prompt you to Press Any Key to print a customer receipt.
  20. Press the green OK key to print a customer receipt.
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