For a limited time, Gravity Payments is offering its insanely accessible payment processing at an insanely affordable price. Sign up in 10 minutes. Accept payments within days.

just 3 cents per transaction plus interchange fees

The savings over Square add up fast

Compare us with Square

Gravity Special Program Rate vs. Square's New Rates

Avg Ticket: $10

Monthly Volume Square Cost Gravity Payments Annual Savings
$10,000/mo $360 $310 $600
$20,000/mo $720 $620 $1,200
$40,000/mo $1,440 $1,240 $2,400

Small-business owners are our heroes

When coffee-shop owner Maxwell Mooney told us how the Square rate increase was going to affect his business, and thousands like it, we were moved.

And when he told us he'd gathered more than 8,000 signatures on a petition, we were inspired.

But when he said Square’s response was basically, “Meh,” we decided to act.

That’s because you all are our heroes. You’re like Batman to us. So we’re offering you this special deal on payment processing.

Although it's at best a break-even prospect for us, we consider it a win-win. You get a great rate. We get to play Robin.

Why trust your processing to Gravity?

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Accept payments ASAP

Gravity gives you the fast path to payment processing. Sign up in minutes and start taking payments within days.

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See what you’re paying for

Gravity gives you complete visibility into your payments. There are never any hidden fees or deceptive equipment leases.

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Get 24/7, human support

Gravity gives you an in-house team available any time. There are no robots, and we almost always answer within two rings.

per transaction


interchange fees

(That’s it. There’s no subscription. No hidden fees. No nasty surprises.)

What you get

  • 24/7 in-house support.
  • Processing for ALL card types.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Payments via swipe, dip, and tap.

Choose from one of these state-of-the-art devices

Clover® Mini and Clover® Go are ideal for small businesses.

Clover Mini

Get Clover® Mini

Perfect countertop solution

$599 $439*

  • Connects via WiFi/Ethernet
  • Built-in receipt printer
  • Barcode scanner
  • NFC/ApplePay, EMV

*Optional $10/mo. Register Lite POS Plan

Clover Go

Get Clover® Go

Payments from anywhere

$69 $49

  • Connects via Bluetooth
  • Email/text receipts
  • Chargeable
  • NFC/ApplePay, EMV
Get a free consult

Get a free consult

Let's talk processing


  • 15-minute conversation
  • We’ll suggest options
  • You pick your equipment
  • Setup, training, go!

Get started now! It’s a quick 5-step process.

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