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Feature Rich Point-of-Sale system for Thai Restaurants

Smile POSsmile pos

SmilePOS is one of the easiest point-of-sale systems for your servers to use. Whether the customer wants to split checks, switch tables, apply discounts, or redeem gift cards, they can do that quickly and securely, so customers remain happy. SmilePOS has powerful tools for you to create different menu items and easily manage your menus into food sets and categories with a user interface that is easy to understand.

SmilePOS has variety of kitchen printing and multi-language capabilities to reduce confusion. SmilePOS has Google map integration and can calculate mileage distance between the restaurant and customer address. Also, you can easily look up customer information and order history to save time and make your work a lot more efficient. SmilePOS comes with reservation features so you don’t have to find a separate system to serve your business needs. SmilePOS comes with a variety of reporting features that you can access from anywhere around the world. Smile POS understands that your data is extremely important.  Taking that level of importance into account, SmilePOS comes with the most secure system that saves your data in the cloud.

Gravity Payments offers SmilePOS along with thousands of other products to address every unique need a business might have with credit card processing.

What businesses are SmilePOS good for?

  • Thai Restaurants

SmilePOS Key Features:

  • Order

    • Fast and easy to split checks to unlimited tickets
    • Can change tables or transfer items between tables
    • Transfer tickets to other servers
    • Repeat previously ordered items
    • Can hold order items in an amount of time and automatically send to the kitchen
    • Built in first course and second course
    • Server can send a command to the kitchen
    • Use on screen keyboard to add special requests to kitchen
    • Use built-in food modifier buttons for special requests to kitchen
    • Table layout and unlimited floor plan
    • Apply discount to individual ticket
    • Apply gratuity for a big group or party
    • Remove sales tax or add sales tax
    • Create food recipes for individual items
    • Check menu items remaining using stock sheets
  • Payment

    • Accepts all major credit cards
    • Fast cash payment
    • Integrated gift card program for multiple locations
    • Unlimited split payments on tickets
    • Split tickets into an unlimited number of payments
    • Free unlimited POS paper supply for both thermal paper rolls and two ply paper rolls
  • Menu & Food Choices

    • Add unlimited menu items
    • Add unlimited screen categories and sub categories
    • Add unlimited food sets (breakfast, lunch, dinner, or happy hours)
    • Add unlimited choice options and food modifiers
    • Create daily specials and holiday specials
    • Select whether choices are optional or required
    • Add one or more multiple choices
  • Kitchen Printing

    • Kitchen can be set to print in Thai or English
    • Font size can be selected
    • Food items can be printed to many printers at the same time
    • Food items can be set to print or not to print when take-out order has placed
    • Choice of food printed in red for easy reading
    • Reduce used of paper by grouping similar items in the same row
    • Print to alternative printer when the kitchen printer is out of service
  • To-Go & Delivery

    • Auto save customer information (including address, phone number, and customer details)
    • Search customer by phone number or name
    • Apply delivery charge for delivery tickets
    • Get and print directions between the restaurant and customer address using Google Maps
    • Display graphical map between the restaurant and customer address
    • Get distance and duration time from restaurant to customer address
    • View delivery sales report separate from other sales
  • Reservations

    • Book a table for each customer
    • Place special requests and start and estimated finishing time for the reservation
    • Add waiting list for a long line of customers
    • View the reservations month by month
    • Alert to server 30 minutes before the customers arrive
  • Online Reports

    • Access your sales reports from anywhere in the world on any device like desktop, iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows
    • Daily sales report emailed to restaurant owner every night
    • View work hours of employees
    • Monitor voided items from employees and reasons they were voided
    • View the numbers of items sold to see which menu is the most popular menu
    • Export reports as PDF, Excel, RTF, MHT, text, or image
  • Securities

    • Each server has their own PIN when making an order
    • Multi management level –  Server, Supervisor, Manager
    • All transaction data stored in a secure environment
    • All transaction data is backed up every day into the cloud
For more information on SmilePOS, Gravity Payments, or credit card processing in general, click here to contact us. We reduce the costs and headaches of accepting credit card payments by providing simple, fair, and seamless solutions.

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