Retail POS Systems

retail POS systemsGravity Payments works with a large mix of great retail POS systems designed to fit your specific credit card processing needs. Our ability to integrate seamlessly into your POS system will enable you to process credit card and debit card payments while managing your business more efficiently. Additionally, you will be able to monitor your business activities, track inventory, employee scheduling and more.

What are common retail POS systems?

At Gravity, we like to say we’re agnostic when it comes to point of sale systems. We don’t offer only one POS, because we feel like that limits your options in finding the right solution for your individual needs. Instead, we put the power back in your hands by consulting with you to find a solution that fits exactly how you want to process. To learn more about our POS systems, click here.

  • Revel
    • The Revel POS Retail delivers a true omni-channel platform that connects your in-store, warehouse, mobile, and eCommerce presence. To simplify processing even more, Revel POS Retail adds an integrated eCommerce platform, allowing your business to sell items online and in-store easily.
  • Shopkeep
    • Shopkeep POS is a sharp and functional iPad based point-of-sale system designed for restaurants and retail businesses. Businesses using this system can accept debit cards, credit cards, cash, gift cards, Apple Pay, and EMV.
  • Bindo
    • Bindo POS is an iPad based point of sale system that enables business owners to accept all major credit and debit card. Bindo POS will additionally allow businesses to use a mobile POS reader to accept EMV and Apple Pay.

For a fill listing of all our POS systems, click here.

Common Benefits and Features for Retail POS Systems:

How secure is it?

Like all our credit card processing measures, Retail POS systems are just as safe and secure. When you process a payment, your customer’s card data can be encrypted, tokenized, and kept secure. To learn more about tokenization, click here.

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