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USA ePay GatewayUSA ePay Gateway

USA ePay Gateway is a payment gateway for business credit card processing that offers a wide variety of benefits and features. USA ePay Gateway works with several well-known shopping carts enabling businesses to integrate with Gravity Payments without having to customize or code on their end. Businesses can accept all major credit card brands on their website through this payment gateway and virtual terminal. Businesses without a website that need to accept credit cards can accept payments via the virtual terminal in their office. This is a great solution for businesses that need to key enter transactions from their clients. Both the payment gateway and virtual terminal are great solutions for most small business owners needing credit card processing services online or through other platforms.

Gravity Payments offers the USA ePay Gateway along with thousands of other products to address every unique need a business might have with credit card processing.

What Businesses are USA ePay Gateway great for?

  • Utilize an online shopping cart to sell products
  • Key enter transactions through a web based virtual terminal
  • Offices
  • Online stores

USA ePay Gateway Features:

  • Compatible with most major shopping carts
  • Developer tools and API
  • Fraud tools
  • PCI compliant
  • Subscription payments
  • Customer management tools
  • Tokenization w/ no fee

For more information on this payment gateway, Gravity Payments, or credit card processing in general, click here to contact us. We reduce the costs and headaches of accepting credit card payments by providing simple, fair, and seamless solutions.

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