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ePN Gateway helps small businesses with payment processing for secure, reliable transaction services. ePN enables small businesses to process credit card and check transactions automatically and in real-time, using a secure Web page, as well as wireless and POS hardware. The ePN Gateway offers an ePN Cart –  a way to create customized “buy” buttons to add to your existing website. The cart allows you to accept all major credit cards and integrates with a real-time shipping cost calculator to provide accurate pricing estimates for shipping. The other option is the ePN Web Order Form Generator (ePNWOFG) that can be used to create HTML forms. You can customize templates designed for online bill payments, accepting donations, renewing memberships, and setting up recurring billing. The ePN Gateway offers plenty of features including POS software, paperless billing, inventory management, customer data management, recurring billing, QuickBooks integration, multiple store location management, Level III data support, and API resources.

Gravity Payments offers this gateway along with thousands of other products to address every unique need a business might have with credit card processing.

What Businesses are ePN great for?

  • Designed for enterprise level retail, multi location or large scale online payment systems.
  • Useful for businesses with large online presence
  • Useful for businesses needing heavy customization

ePN Features:

  • Paperless billing
    • Create invoices and send them via email, enabling your customer to pay online. Invoices are customizable so your business can add logos or other changes.
  • Inventory management
    • ePN has an integrated inventory tool allowing business owners to track stock levels in real time. Additionally, the inventory management tool is cloud-based, which means no downloading software and no risk of your data being lost.
  • Customer data mangement
    • An integrated customer management system allows you to view payment methods, transaction history, and shipping preferences for repeat clients.
  • Recurring billing
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Level III data
    • Level III is designed for B2B businesses that collect additional data on their customers. This additional data reduces the risk involved in accepting payments and can make payment processing rates lower for businesses.
  • Chargeback protection
  • Unlimited users per account
  • Unique user IDs for reporting
  • Secure Internet payment gateway
  • Easy to set-up an account

For more information on this payment gateway, Gravity Payments, or credit card processing in general, click here to contact us. We reduce the costs and headaches of accepting credit card payments by providing simple, fair, and seamless solutions.

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