Corporate Card Processing

corporate card processingAt Gravity, we provide flexible payment options so your business can accept payments from all types of customers. Whether you want to accept Level 2 or Level 3 credit cards, large ticket orders, purchasing transactions, or need corporate card processing, we’ll help find an option that fits your exact needs.

How Corporate Card Processing Works

Corporate card processing works similarly to Level 2 or Level 3 credit card processing. In order to accept corporate credit cards, you’ll need to provide another level of information in order to qualify for lower processing rates. To do this, you might not be able to use a regular terminal like you would with consumer transactions, rather a virtual terminal or payment gateway. Gravity can help find a solution that fits how you want to process and can seamlessly integrate with any existing equipment you may have.

Common Questions about Corporate Card Processing

What businesses use corporate card processing?

Typically, B2B businesses most commonly accept corporate cards. However, that can also include enterprise businesses or even the government. No matter how you want to process, Gravity will find a solution that fits your needs.

Is it more expensive to process corporate cards?

Not usually. In fact, Level 2 and Level 3 card data qualifies for lower Visa and MasterCard interchanges rates. For more on pricing and interchange, click here.

How do I submit corporate cards transactions?

Although, you’ll have to provide more information, it’s pretty easy to submit corporate card transactions depending on what “level” the credit card qualifies for.

For more information on what data you need to submit for Level 2 credit card transactions, click here.

For more information on what data you need to submit for Level 3 credit card transactions, click here.

Is it safe and secure?

Like all our credit card processing measures, corporate card processing is just as safe and secure. In fact, it’s typically more secure because it requires an extra level of information in order to process the transaction. This reduces any potential fraud or chargebacks to your business.

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