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custom online payment pageGravity Payments offers custom online payment pages enabling businesses to take online payments easily and effectively. Any business with a merchant services account through Gravity Payments can take advantage of our customized payment pages. We are able to specify the information you desire to collect from your clients as well as displaying your organizations branding. This is a simple way to accept payments online without having to manage an extensive online shopping cart or coding anything on your own.

Common Questions About Custom Online Payment Pages

What does the process look like?

  1. Gravity Payments will work with you to gather the information you want to collect from customers purchasing your product and services. In addition, we will use any branding assets you wish present on your page, like a company logo or contact information.
  2. After we gather all the information you’d like to use, we’ll build out the page.
  3. Once the page is completed, we will email you a link that you can send to customers or link to directly from your website.

What does a custom online payment page cost?

For a basic template like the one shown below, the cost is $50. There is no cost for a non profit organization. For special or extra custom work, there is an hourly fee associated.

Additional customization outside of the basic features can be accomplished by Gravity Payments’ Development Team. Though depending on the level of customization, our POS Team might work with you to define more clearly if a online shopping cart may be more beneficial to fit your needs.

What does a custom online payment page look like?

Below is an image of one of our partners, QNAP INC’s, custom online payment page.


custom online payment

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