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Credit Card Processing and the Internet


As consumers, we buy the majority of our products online. This can be anything from ordering pizza delivery to purchasing bed sheets to making donations to our favorite local non profit organizations. So, how does a small business enable credit card processing online so they can compete in the online space? It’s simple – through an eCommerce platform! Gravity Payments has a large amount of eCommerce solutions for our merchant partners. With hundreds of integration solutions using a large amount of payment gateways to building customize payment forms and enabling secure checkout, Gravity Payments has a fit for your business.

Resources on eCommerce solutions

  • Shopping Cart Integration
    • Have a shopping cart in mind that you think is a perfect fit for your small business? Gravity Payments works with a large array of payment gateways to enable seamless and simple integration into the shopping cart of your choice. For more information on shopping cart integration, click here.
  • Payment Forms
    • Custom Online Payment Page
      • Own a small business that sells a single product or service and need a way to sell that service online? With Gravity Payment’s custom online payment page it is easy. We will build a page that is branded to your business, secure, and easy for your customers to use. For more information on custom online payment pages, click here.
    • Online Donation Form
      • Run a non profit organization and looking to take donations online through your website? Gravity Payments can build a customized donation page for your business and host it securely for your organization. For more information on online donation forms, click here.
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