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Credit Card processing at Gravity Payments.

Credit Card Terminals

Are you a business that needs to simply and effectively process payments without all the bells and whistles? We offer a wide variety of credit card processing terminals so you can accept payments any way you’d like – EMV, NFC, or magnetic stripe. Find out what options work best for your business. VIEW MORE 

Point-of-sale POS at Gravity Payments.

Point-of-Sale POS 

Looking for your processing system to do more than accept payments? We offer and integrate seamlessly with hundreds of POS solutions, so not only can you process credit cards, but you’ll also be able to manage inventory, customize menus, run sales reports, and so much more. VIEW MORE 

mobile payments 

Mobile Payments

Do you need to take your business on-the-go? We’ll set you up with the latest mobile payment solutions so you can accept payments anytime and anywhere. Find out what mobile options work best for how you want to run your business. VIEW MORE 

payment gateway

Payment Gateways

Not a brick-and-mortar store or looking to expand your store online? A payment gateway (or virtual terminal) is used to enable an online shopping cart, eCommerce, or virtual terminal allowing independent businesses to process credit card payments through card not present transactions. Find the right payment gateway solution for your business. VIEW MORE 



From shopping cart integration, to invoicing, and customized payment pages, Gravity Payments provides a wide array of e-commerce solutions that will help your business succeed in the virtual space. Explore our solutions and resources to learn more about e-commerce credit card processing. VIEW MORE 

pci compliance

PCI Compliance

Explore resources surrounding PCI compliance and how it affects your business. From point-to-point encryption, tokenization, fraud management tools and more; PCI compliance is an important aspect of credit card processing for small business owners to understand. VIEW MORE 

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