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Fierce competition has led to a striking evolution of the small business owner’s skillset. They are industrious creatures who passionately chase the American dream. The small business owner has a seemingly never-ending agenda of activities to maintain survival, leaving them vulnerable to attack from predators.

Despite their many strengths, small business owners are on the fringe of extinction. Voracious predators roam their environment, consuming the owners’ hard earned resources and challenging their survival. One of the greediest and most threatening predators is the credit card processor (Creditcardus processoris), a vile creature who devours small business owners to satiate their greed.

However, there are some species of the credit card processor who have formed a symbiotic (mutually beneficial) companionship with the small business owner. One example, Gravity Payments, not only contrasts the behavior of other processors, but actively protects the small business owner from them.

Status: Critically endangered

Population: 555,285

Scientific Name: Seattleus Merchantus Minor

Weight: Dwindling

Habitats: Communities and neighborhoods across the Puget Sound

Why they matter

Small businesses are vital to the health of our societies. They define our neighborhoods, bind our communities, and represent the American Dream.


Seattle small businesses are threatened by predators taking advantage of then. Their survival is critical, and they need our help.

  • Predatory credit card processors
  • Special treatment for corporations
  • Swiftly rising rent costs

Are you a threatened small business owner?

Gravity Payments is commited to restoring the Pacific Northwest Small Business Owner habitat and helping them thrive once again by restoring honesty to credit card processing.

Contact Gravity Payments immediately to help restore this incredible species.

Gravity Payments Small Business Conservation Co.

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