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Take the guesswork out of growing your business and gain insight about your customers so you better market to them.

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We believe in standing with independent business owners who believe in the American dream and are willing to work to chase it. That’s why you can always expect unflinching devotion from us.

Boost Your Business With Data Analytics

See action

See Where To Take Action

A simple interface helps you understand each stat so you can take action to boost revenue.

Target top spenders

Target Top Spenders

Figure out who your best customers are and message them with promotions exclusively for their use.

Monitor reviews

Monitor Reviews

Easily respond to customer reviews in real-time from places like Yelp, Facebook, and more.

Save time and money

Save Time & Money

Data analytics gives you actionable insights so you can allocate resources more efficiently.

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Gravity Instant – our subscription pricing model – is perfect for businesses processing less than $60,000 a month — like many retail stores, counter-service restaurants, auto repair shops, home repairs, medical clinics, fitness studios, and more.


  • interchange
  • a nickel per swipe

Customized Pricing

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See how much money our pricing specialists can save your business on credit card processing.


  • We promise to never snake-charm you with one rate and then bamboozle you with another at the end of the month.
  • We promise to always have your back by not hiding nasty little terms or conditions in microscopic fine print.
  • We promise to always try to meet or beat your current credit card processing rates.
  • We promise to tell you when we can’t beat a great deal you’re already getting.

Because we believe in independent business, that’s why. We’re on your side.

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Quick Demo of Data Analytics

See how data analytics helps you gain insight into your customers so you can fine-tune how you interact with them.

Data Analytics Resources

Grow Your Business With Data Analytics

Gravity Payments’ data analytics platform built for small business owners equips you with tools to unlock essential information on how your customers shop.

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How Credit Card Processing Works

We get it. Credit card processing is complicated. That’s why we strive to make it as simple and seamless as possible. Here are the need-to-knows about accepting credit card payments.

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How To Find Your Effective Rate

We’ve always been curious why more small business owners don’t know this simple tool to find out if your merchant services fees are too high. Click here to learn what your effective rate is in 30 seconds or less.

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Unlock Valuable Insights With Data Analytics

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