We are currently experiencing a Clover outage impacting merchants using Clover devices. Clover has identified the cause of the issue and is working actively to solve it. Merchants may experience timeouts and slow processing.

We appreciate your patience and will continue to provide updates as they arise.

Integrated Merchants: If you are unable to use the Sales App on your Clover device, please use manual entry on your POS, or email [email protected] for access to a virtual terminal.

Standalone (Non-Integrated) Merchants: If you are unable to use the Sales App on your Clover device, please email [email protected] for access to a temporary payments gateway.


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Autologue leverages ChargeItPro technology to seamlessly integrate payment processing and industry leading support directly into our software. With ChargeItPro technology you’ll be able to run payments without ever having to leave your Autologue software, saving you a ton of time.

I’d love to connect you with our rep who works with ChargeItPro, the technology we’ve used to integrate credit card processing into Autologue software. You will be able to take advantage of everything Autologue already does, plus accept payments right inside of it. This saves a ton of time for our customers.

  • Other benefits ChargeItPro technology offers:
    • Card Storage – Securely store customer card info
    • Signature Capture – Capture eSignatures from sales, accounts receivable, or other important documents
    • 24/7 Human Support – Free, in-house human support is available anytime
    • No Hidden Fees – Completely transparent pricing without any surprises, so you know exactly what you’re paying


Call or email Monique DeChaine, Relationship Manager, Gravity Payments

(206) 388-5900 ext. 514   |    [email protected]

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