Thanks for your interest in the Small Business Champions program. Here are some resources to help you make great  referrals.

For more information on how we’re helping small businesses, see our Small-Business Survival Kit.


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What businesses should I focus on?

Start with these businesses: auto-repair shops/auto-parts stores, bars, bridal shops, coffee shops, consignment stores, grocery stores, landscaping companies, law offices, liquor stores, marinas, outdoor power equipment dealers, pet supply stores, pharmacies, restaurants, utility companies, and veterinary clinics

What if I know a business that I would like to refer that is not listed above?

Even if the business is not part of one of the industries listed above, go ahead and submit a referral.

A member of our team will determine if we can help that business.

How does the referral bonus work?

For any business you refer that begins processing with Gravity, you’ll get a $200 referral fee. You can choose to keep the $200 or donate it back to the business. If you donate your money back to the small business who signed with Gravity, they will receive a $200 credit toward their credit card processing fees.

What information do I need to share with Gravity to qualify for a referral bonus?

You can register as a Small Business Champion on this webpage

In order for a referral to qualify for the referral bonus, you would need to pass along the business name, business owner(s) name, and business owner contact information for a company in one of the industries specified above. You will also need to make sure that the business owner is aware that someone from Gravity will be reaching out to them to schedule an appointment.

After I refer a business, what are the next steps for how Gravity works with that business?

We’ll call the business owner to schedule a 15-20 minute appointment for a time that works best for them to talk. In that appointment, we’ll ask a few questions about their business to learn their business needs and what is important to them. We’ll ask them for two months of credit card processing statements, which will give us a better feel for their typical credit card rates and where we can save them money. 

Then we’ll schedule a follow-up appointment with the business owner to explain how much money we can save them and discuss the additional improvements we can offer. If it seems like the business owner’s current processor is a better fit for them than Gravity, we will tell them. That’s right: we will let them know if we aren’t the best option. We want everyone to be set up with the right system for their needs, even if that means it’s not us.

How will I know if the business ends up signing with Gravity?

We will send you an email or give you a call to let you know whether the business ends up signing on with Gravity. We’re also currently working to build out an online platform that will show live status updates of every referral you’ve shared with us. 

What if the business owner I know already has a service they are happy with?

A lot of customers we work with were “happy” with their last provider, but they didn’t know what else was available. For example, many of them had never received a rate review to see how their fees stacked up to other companies. Often, their rates had been increasing for years and they didn’t even realize it. But Gravity offers free rate reviews and we can almost always save them money. Right now, many businesses also need to make a switch to alternate payment methods. Gravity can help set them up with remote, mobile, and text-to-pay options.

What if the business owner asks for more information about Gravity’s services or rates?

Every business’s situation is different, and every business is charged different fees from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AmEx. Many other processors give the same set rate to every business they work with, and they set the rate high enough that it ensures they make a lot of money on every single business–which means some get good rates and others get bad rates. We don’t do business like that. We want every business to receive a competitive rate, which means we take a look at every company’s standard fees to ensure we give them the best deal possible. If a business owner wants to know about our rates, fill out a referral form for them and one of our team members will get in touch with the business owner to offer a free rate review.

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