Payment Security

Data security never matters — until it matters big-time.

If your business is doing invoicing, recurring billing, or remote payments — or if you’re simply planning to grow — your tolerance for security risk should be zero. The good news is that Gravity makes data protection a no-brainer.

Our integrated payment processing solution takes care of data security for you automatically. Instead of you having to store sensitive data (e.g.: on a spreadsheet in that computer in the back room), the data is stored in secure, PCI-compliant servers that you aren’t liable for.

Since the data is encrypted, it’s unavailable even to you or your employees, a feature that helps prevent phishing and other human-related fraud.

How we approach security

Payment security is highly regulated, right down to the protocols software providers are allowed to use.

The PCI security standards council requires all merchants and service providers to be compliant. However, those service providers do NOT have to make their merchants maintain compliance.

What makes Gravity’s approach different is that we care about our merchants enough to enforce the PCI security council’s directives.

How does payment security work?

When we implement a payment integration, all security measures are pre-configured right out of the box and can’t be shut off. That includes code updates, security settings, card-number masking, required password changes, password encryption, private and public encryption-key file stores, etc.

There is no extra setup involved, so there’s little risk of human error during implementation.

Once your software is implemented, you don’t have to think about security.

We do that for you.

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