WSCPA and Gravity Payments

Together Helping CPAs Succeed

The WSCPA is dedicated to advocating for and supporting our state’s CPAs. Likewise, Gravity exists to help community businesses – including CPAs- succeed by eliminating the headaches and hidden fees of accepting credit cards.

Why WSCPA Trusts Gravity Payments

Being a CPA carries a lot of responsibility. Your clients’ financial livelihood is in your hands. The last thing you need to do is waste time worrying about credit card processing. That’s why Gravity Payments makes credit card processing simple- we want your attention to stay on your clients, and leave the payment processing to us.

Completely transparent pricing

Industry-leading 24/7 support

Utilize existing equipment when possible

Founded and headquartered in Ballard

Streamlined payments and industry leading support

From the most simple to complex needs- developing a new system or seamlessly integrating into your existing system, we tailor solutions to fit your business. Nothing more, nothing less.

Accept payments anywhere

Offer your clients a payment solution on-the-go. Accept payments at your desk, or even at out-of-office consultations.

Accept payments online

Give your clients a better experience by providing the option to pay online. More convenient for them, less hassle for you.

Add Value & Save Your Commercial Clients Money

Not only can Gravity save your practice from the stress and high costs of accepting payments, we can likely do so for your clients, by helping you easily identify if they’re paying too much. Learn more by submitting the form below or call (206) 388-5900.

Services designed to accept payments effortlessly

No Hidden Fees

No Hidden Fees

Honest, transparent, and highly competitive pricing.

24/7 Support

24/7 support

Get questions answered quickly by our industry leading support team at any time of day, every day.

No Pressure

No Pressure

Our non-commissioned sales team take a consultative approach, with the only goal to improve your situation.

See why WSCPA trusts Gravity Payments to provide their members an easy way to accept credit cards

“The WSCPA chose Gravity Payments because they are a locally owned company that is client focused, puts an emphasis on reducing costs for growing businesses and delivering quality service. We think our members will relate to that philosophy and benefit from the discount this partnership brings.”

Amy O'Donnell WSCPA

Amy O’Donnell

Director of Membership & Business Development at WSCPA

Stop paying more for less. Find out how Gravity can help your practice.

Or call (206) 388-5900.