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The Gravity Vet Team has 10+ years of experience working directly with the veterinarian community and their practices. We understand your unique needs and will work with you to ensure the Just like MVS Pet Care, Gravity Payments understands how important it is to be there for your customers and serve them better than others in the industry. By offering services like mobile processing, recurring billing, 24/7 old-fashioned customer service, invoice billing and online processing, we only offer solutions that fit how you want to run your practice.

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Exclusive offer for MVS clients

Cost plus pricing: 0.10% + 10¢ per transaction

Monthly fee: $10.00

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About Gravity Payments

Accepting credit cards shouldn't be painful

Credit card processing is purposely confusing. Many in our industry benefit by hiding fees, having unfair terms, and using other shady methods to take advantage of independent business owners. That’s why Dan Price founded Gravity Payments in 2004 after witnessing many community businesses being ripped off. He realized he could provide small-to-mid-size businesses the same competitive programs with better support and service. Since then, we’ve made it our mission to protect community businesses from being overcharged and underserved.

Our top services

Tools to help you grow your business

Recurring payments

Provide customers the convenience of paying for services or health and wellness plans on a schedule.


We are equipment agnostic and work with any new or current equipment your business is using.

Accept payments anywhere at anytime with our range of the latest wifi capable, mobile payment solutions.

How Gravity works with MVS pet care practices

Vet practices, like all businesses, are unique. While there might be similarities between businesses across the board, we don’t feel it’s appropriate to offer a single out-of-box merchant services solution to every business. Instead, we take an in depth approach, by finding out how you want to run your practice and define your specific business needs. Whether you need to charge customers on-the-go, want to key-enter transactions, or set up recurring billing for wellness programs to ensure pets remain happy and healthy, we have a solution for you. On top of everything else, we strive to offer the best customer service and personal touch for every vet practice we partner with.

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