Integrated Billing

Bringing card storage and invoicing together to simplify remote payments.

Gravity’s integrated billing option is great for business owners who want to provide easy, secure ongoing payments for their customers on a periodic basis.

It’s an ideal solution for customers who want to automate their monthly payments and great for small business owners who will never have to worry about late payments.

Which businesses benefit most?

Integrated billing makes sense whenever a customer is paying down a product or service, particularly in the following industries:
  • Auto dealerships
  • Construction/general contracting
  • Charities/nonprofits
  • Daycare/childcare
  • Debt collection
  • Education
  • Gyms
  • Healthcare/medical
  • Industrial equipment rentals
  • Law firms
  • Lawn care/landscaping
  • Marinas
  • Parking lots
  • Software subscriptions
  • Storage lots
  • Subscription-box services
  • Property management
  • Vehicle sales
  • Web hosting

How does integrated billing work?

By automating payments at regular intervals, integrated billing simplifies credit card processing and steadies cash flow. Also, if a credit card number were to expire or a CVV code changes, customers have the ability to update their payment methods and amounts.

Gravity takes a consultative approach to help you determine your business needs, and the features that will best solve them. Once you make your choice, we’ll implement the features you want, facilitate training, and make ourselves available during set-up — and at any time after implementation.

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