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Creating a Culture of Candor

Leadership and Culture: Part 2

In the past two weeks, two people at Gravity have thanked me for giving them unsolicited feedback.   I was struck by this because, even though I’ve worked at several companies before Gravity, I’d never witnessed a culture in which feedback was not... |

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How to Grow Your Business with Online Payments

Small Business Tips from Gravity + Amilia

As e-commerce solutions continue to evolve, organizations that take advantage of this technology will have a competitive advantage over those that don’t. Arguably the most important part of this equation is setting yourself up to accept online... |

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"Every Day Is an Opportunity"

How Kaitlynn Vincent Stands up for Merchants

It’s not easy to summarize what Kaitlynn Vincent does in her role at Gravity’s Boise-based subsidiary ChargeItPro. But, when she describes a typical day, phrases like “putting out fires,” “detective work,” and “diplomacy” spring to... |

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