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Freedom from Work

Why Yuri Prater Takes His Job(s) Seriously

Modern society delights in hating on Millennials. Although plenty of research has shown that this generation is worse off financially than their parents, despite being more educated and skilled, a stereotype persists that they are lazy, entitled, and... |

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Delegation Tips for New Managers

Leadership and Culture: Part 5

If you’ve recently moved into a management role, it will be crucial for you to develop the skill of delegation. Delegation is not merely a tactic to minimize your personal workload; it is one of the most effective ways to develop your people and give... |

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Silent Superhero

James Pratt Wants to Talk about Mental Health at Work

 On the first episode of Silent Superheroes, the podcast created and hosted by Gravity’s VP of People Development James Pratt, we hear the story of Amanda, a mother in her forties who has bipolar I disorder. In explaining what it’s like to be... |

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How to Lead an Effective 1-on-1

Leadership and Culture: Part 4

You’ve probably been on the receiving end of 1-on-1s for a while. If you recently transitioned into a management role, you’ll likely be tempted to run your 1-on-1 meetings the same way your boss ran them, which may or may not be an effective way to... |

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How to Manage Former Peers

Leadership and Culture: Part 3

If you recently made the transition from team member to manager, you understand that managing former peers can be challenging. You want to maintain personal relationships but aren’t sure whether doing so will give the perception of favoritism. Some... |

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