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"Dear Gravity": Advice for Merchants

We get letters

Dear Gravity, I’ve been with my processor for five long years. But they’re not giving me the support and attention when I need it the most. I’ll call and I’ll call and I always get their voicemail or I get stuck in a phone tree. My messages... |

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The Problem with Bad Jobs

CEO Dan Price on Why Low Unemployment Numbers Don't Tell the Full Story of Work in America

People work for two reasons: to make enough money to earn a living and/or to do work they feel matters.  And yet, at least 13% of workers don’t even make a living wage through their paycheck, and millions of others are stuck doing menial work... |

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Rates and Fees: What you need to know

Take 2 minutes with Gravity's Ashlie Blaske to change your life (or at least the way you think about credit card processing)

Sometimes this industry makes used-car salesmen look good. Sigh. But we’re here to help. See which credit card processing costs are predetermined, which ones you can control, and how to get an apples-to-apples comparison when choosing a... |

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This industry could use a good blockbustering

Part 2 of our series on subscription payment processing

Time was, if you wanted to watch a movie at a time you chose, you had to get in the car, drive to a Blockbuster, and hope they had the film. They usually would, as long as it was a … um, blockbuster. Things got more challenging if you wanted to watch... |

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What is our trillion-dollar bet?

Three thoughts for Friday

Scott Galloway: “Where are we spending the trillion our kids will be saddled with?” Simple: rich people. Lower tax rates on the wealthy and corporations (84% owned by the top 10% income earning households) were supposed to inspire growth... |

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