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Did You Know? Avoid the cost of downgraded cards

By Rhiannon Leonard

Did you know that a downgraded card can increase your cost by nearly 40%? It can!  Let’s say a $100 purchase with a Visa Signature Preferred costs you $2.20 (2.20% of the sale). If that card downgrades, the transaction cost increases to $3.05!... |

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"Dear Gravity": Advice for the lovelorn merchant

We get letters

Dear Gravity, I’ve been burned by credit card processors before. They’ve promised me the world only to hide fees in the fine print, stick me with iron-clad contracts, advise me to lease equipment only to end up paying more money than if I just had... |

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Databases Taught Me Everything (Part 1)

Notes to a young developer, from Gravity's Cole Kelley

Okay, so they didn’t teach me everything, but close enough. So much so I thought I would share my journey from fledgling developer to a data architect. What should I be? I’m getting older. No, I didn’t say old. I said “older.” As in maturing.... |

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Gravity and ChargeItPro become one

ChargeItPro came. It grew. It thrived.  And today it became part of Gravity Payments.  ChargeItPro launched in 2009 to provide payment integration solutions for point-of-sale companies serving the country’s independent merchants. The company... |

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