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Sweet Dreams

The Husband-and-Wife Team Behind "The Good Spoon" Frozen Yogurt

Sheena and Jason Jeffries didn’t always want to be entrepreneurs, but one day they got restless. Two years ago, the couple decided to quit their jobs—Sheena as a bartender and Jason in construction—and leave their lifelong home of Gaston, Oregon... |

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Music Man

Jared Spears's Wide-Ranging Passion for Music

Jared Spears’s interest in music developed largely out of necessity. Growing up in Fallbrook, California, the self-proclaimed “Avocado Capital of the World,” there was very little for a young boy to do except eat guacamole, attend the annual... |

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An Open Book with an Open Mind

April Gracz on Extroversion, Judgment, and Living by the Golden Rule

April Gracz will be the first person to tell you she’s an extrovert. “I can make a new best friend anywhere,” she says. “I’m an open book.” She’ll also be the first person to tell you that these traits have come in handy throughout her... |

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Another Data Point

The Filmmakers Behind "The Paper Tigers" Discuss Representation in Hollywood

Of the top one hundred films made since 2007, 4.8% of characters are of Asian descent. Seventy percent of television shows set in New York City have no recurring Asian or Pacific Islander characters. In the past eleven years, of the more than 1,200 top... |

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How to Manage Your Team's Performance

Leadership and Culture: Part 6

One of the biggest challenges managers face is dealing with performance issues when they arise. As a manager, your job is to help each one of your employees do their best work, but if someone is struggling, you might have to take more direct action.... |

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