Frustrated by Square’s rate changes? Say “Hi” to Gravity Instant

We like Square. We do.

In fact, we’ve referred a lot of smaller merchants their way in the past when we thought Square was a better fit.

But really, it’s like Square just figured out how payment processing works.

The company recently announced a change to its pricing structure, explaining that for every payment they process, they have to “pay a set of fees that are both a percentage of the transaction and a fixed fee,” and that their original 2.75% rate “didn’t always cover all these costs.”

We would have been happy to tell them this years ago.

We thought they knew

But they’re a publicly traded company whose market cap is about $26 billion. Their board is comprised of hot-shot tech entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and stock market experts who make fortunes from their investments.

We figured they surely knew how all this stuff worked.

Especially since our privately owned company was bootstrapped by our CEO out of his dorm room when he was 19. His motivations weren’t — and our company’s motivation never has been — about amassing huge shareholder profits and a personal fortune. In fact, we aim for the opposite.

Square vs. Gravity Instant

Anyway, Square is moving to a rate of 2.6% + 10¢ per tap, dip, and swipe. Is it a good deal?

Well, probably not. Not when you compare it to Gravity Instant, our subscription-based processing service. Check it out.

Pricing 2.6% of volume
+ 10¢ per transaction
(includes interchange)
+ 5¢ per transaction
+ interchange
Monthly Volume
Transaction Size
Monthly Cost
Monthly Cost
with Gravity
$20,000 $20 – $250 $562 $525 6.5%
$30,000 $20 – $250 $843 $738 12.5%
$40,000 $20 – $250 $1,124 $951 15.4%
$50,000 $20 – $250 $1,410 $1,164 17.4%
$60,000 $20 – $250 $1,686 $1,377 18.3%

As you can see, you’re now likely to save anywhere from 6.5% to 18% with Gravity, compared with Square.

Gravity Instant gives you several key benefits, including:

  • Simple and transparent pricing. Only $99/month + a nickel a swipe + interchange. Nothing more and nothing less.
  • Use of your own devices. No need to purchase a new device — simply use your own or upgrade to a new Clover® device.
  • 24/7 in-house support. No phone trees and no robots. Just real humans when you need them most.

Big savings, plus 24/7 in-house support

If you’re paying more for Square, you ought to be getting better support, right?


Not by phone. Their phone support is … how does one say? Limited.

Take a look.

How to contact Square by phone How to contact Gravity Payments by phone
  • Sign In to your Square account.
  • Click Contact Us and select the topic that matches your inquiry.
  • If you have an issue that isn’t listed, click Other.
  • If you can’t find your solution, select I Still Need Help.
  • Select Call Support to receive our phone number and your unique Customer Code.

The Square Support Team is available by phone Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Time.

Source: Square

Call 866-701-4700 any time to talk to a human.

Savings add up

So, apparently we’re better on service AND price. Yay us!

To be honest, we were surprised that the savings disparity was so big, given the financial pedigrees of Square’s leadership team.

They MUST have run the numbers.

They MUST have known that the savings with Gravity Instant could be over $3,700 per year.

They MUST have known saving that kind of money could make or break an independent business.

Hmm. Maybe not. Maybe Square has lost touch with the lives of independent business owners.

We haven’t. And we won’t. Our mission is to stand with independent business owners who believe in the American dream and are willing to work to chase it.

Come join us. You can sign up in minutes right now for Gravity Instant. Or you can give us a call at 206-686-2980.

See you soon.