Encrypt Everything

Interview & Tips from Gravity Payments' Senior Security Engineer Mick Grove

Encrypt Everything | Risky Business Ep 03

Mick Grove and Dan Carroll discuss data encryption and how you can use encryption to protect all your data from cyber attacks.

Encrypt Everything: Video


How to Enable BitLocker on Windows

How to Enable FileVault on Mac


encrypt everythingInterview Full Transcript:

Mick Grove: Encrypt your own data. For one example, there was a physical break-in in Seattle, and the attackers took an old laptop that wasn’t encrypted and they used that to remotely access other systems because it had access to the VPN credentials. They were able to add themselves to the payroll system, and for a while they were getting paid.

Dan Carroll: Thats insane.

Mick Grove: Because they didn’t have good oversight and they had secret information on these laptops. So if you just encrypt your laptop which is built into windows, its built into MacOS, its called BitLocker on windows.

Dan Carroll: Mine has a 7 letter password that I have to type in every time my computer comes on.

Mick Grove: Well you don’t even have to enable the password if you don’t want.

Dan Carroll: Well tell that to IT downstairs.

Mick Grove: It is best to use a password because if someone takes it, they cant do anything with it. It is rendered useless to them.

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