"Dear Gravity": Advice for the lovelorn merchant

We get letters

Dear Gravity,

I’ve been burned by credit card processors before.

They’ve promised me the world only to hide fees in the fine print, stick me with iron-clad contracts, advise me to lease equipment only to end up paying more money than if I just had bought the equipment outright.

I just don’t know who to trust anymore!

I’m ready to switch, but I don’t want to get bamboozled again. How do I know I can trust someone again? 



Dear Hoodwinked,

Boy, oh boy. We’ve heard that at least 20,000 times from our current merchants. That’s why we get it. Our industry is a slimy one full of scare tactics. It’s incredibly rude and goes against our values. That’s why you should find a processor who doesn’t talk at you but instead listens to you. 

Here’s how you know you can trust your processor:

  • They have clear, transparent pricing and contract terms.
  • They have a consultation process that takes into consideration your unique needs and recommends equipment that works best for you not them.
  • They actually have an accessible support team.
  • They ask for feedback and check-in on you.
  • Their customers like them!

If you’re interested in breaking up with your processor and want to learn how to switch, call us.

Any time. 

Day or night.

— Gravity


“Dear Gravity” is a monthly column for the jilted, the heartbroken, and the baffled. If you’re a merchant who’s been hurt by other processors in the past, you are not alone. Remember: Help is just an email away: [email protected].

Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash.