An Interview With Gender Justice League

Embracing Diversity Part Five

Can you explain what Gender Justice League is and the work your organization does to those who may not know? At the beginning, Gender Justice League was a name change clinic helping people find parity and alignment for their identity documents. This... |

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Embracing Diversity

A Gravity Payments Series

When our CEO, Dan Price, made his $70,000 minimum wage announcement we were catapulted into the global spotlight. Our stories have resulted in millions of interactions and conversations since. Though we’ve been humbled by many kind words and support,... |

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Become a Servant Leader in 4 Steps

An op-ed by Dan Price first published by Success Magazine February, 2017 issue.

It’s time for your annual performance review. You walk into your boss’s office, sit down and prepare for the litany of clichéd critiques and uninspiring atta boys. You try to decipher the feedback and pull out some actionable items, but grounding... |

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Commitment to Community Through Comfort Food

One chef restoring a sense of community in the Seattle area

Gravity Merchant, Josh Henderson, is an award winning Executive Chef and founder of the Huxley Wallace Collective who just happens to be restoring a sense of community in the Seattle area. This coming inauguration day, Chef Henderson is inviting... |

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Interview and Thoughts on Black Friday

A Gravity Payments employee interviews his mother who has worked 36 Black Friday's in a row

It’s here again – Black Friday. It’s the one day (or two in some cases) a year where big box retailers are flooded by Americans ravenously hunting for bargain deals to satiate their holiday gift giving responsibilities. It’s a day which... |

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