Stillness Is the Key

Ryan Holiday Speaks to Gravity About His New Book and Finding Meaning in a Chaotic World

On October 16, Gravity welcomed author Ryan Holiday to our Seattle office to talk about his new book, Stillness Is the Key. The book, which recently hit number one on the New York Times bestseller list, is a sequel of sorts to Ryan’s previous titles... |

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New digs, new era for Gravity's Boise team

The best thing about the new building has got to be the Adirondack chairs. Or, maybe it’s the wall of pulsing color behind the front desk. Then again, it could be the way daylight pours into the office through the floor-to-ceiling windows. No,... |

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Another Data Point

The Filmmakers Behind "The Paper Tigers" Discuss Representation in Hollywood

Of the top one hundred films made since 2007, 4.8% of characters are of Asian descent. Seventy percent of television shows set in New York City have no recurring Asian or Pacific Islander characters. In the past eleven years, of the more than 1,200 top... |

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Taming the Sabertooth

Performance Coach Tracey Grove Shares how to Become More Resilient in a Stressful World.

One-third of employees report feeling levels of stress that are unsustainable. Forty-two percent of people have left a job simply because it was too stressful. The effects of stress lead to trillions of dollars in lost productivity every year. These... |

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