Accept Mastercard? You Need to Read This!

How Business Owners Will Be Affected By Mastercard's Update

Credit Card Processing, your business, and the new Mastercard BIN-2 Series. What is changing? Mastercard is now beginning to issue credit and debit cards with a BIN starting with the number 2. A BIN refers to the first six (6) digits of a credit or... |

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Have you heard the truth about EMV?

Myth vs Reality: EMV

  EMV: Reality Check Myth: Every business must get EMV or you will get chargebacks guaranteed. Reality: No one is making anyone get EMV. This is a choice you as the business owner have to make. Gravity Payments exists to help educate you in... |

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What is EMV?

Everything You Need To Know About EMV

What is EMV? Europay, MasterCard, Visa, or in other words, EMV, is currently the most secure way to run transactions from a plastic credit card or debit card. This technology uses a computer chip on your card to authenticate the transaction. Of... |

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What EMV Means For Your Business

Do I have to upgrade? You are not required to upgrade your equipment—the liability shift is to encourage you to do so. Take the time and figure out what the best decision is for your business. Here are some of the small benefits of upgrading your... |

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