Women in Leadership

A Gravity Payments Series

The way we run our business is shaped by our strong set of values. These values guide what we do (and don’t do) every day. The traditional way of doing things would suggest profit is the compass point by which we navigate what we do. But guiding... |

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The life of a rule breaker

Women in Leadership Part Ten

Yesterday my good friend and Gravity’s wonderful Director of Sales Rosita talked about denying expectations and knowing yourself. Well, today I am taking it a step further. Don’t just deny the expectations, deny everything else. If life is about... |

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Deny the expectations. Deny the bias. Be you.

Women in Leadership Part Eight

I am Rosita Faye and I don’t try to be anyone else. I can remember standing in a conference room after a very unsavory article was released about my friend and boss. The room was jam packed to the gills with my colleagues, listening intently. I... |

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How to become a successful woman in leadership

Women in Leadership Part Seven

I personally don’t feel that I have ever been discriminated against based on gender.  That being said, I am fully aware that it exists.  The positions I have held my entire career have always revolved around sales and customer centric... |

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Would’ve been easy to let the odds beat me

Women in Leadership Part Six

As a Human Resource professional I realize inequalities exist.  Fortunately, I have the opportunity to use my privilege to identify imbalanced areas and address them. Early in my career, I lived in Pittsburgh and worked as an HR Manager in the steel... |

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