Code Nerd

How the Recession Helped Grant MacLeod Discover His Dream Job

Growing up in Santa Cruz, California, Grant MacLeod knew from an early age that he didn’t quite fit in. “I would describe Santa Cruz as a skater or surfer-bum town,” he says. “It’s very relaxed, almost like an upscale hippie town. But I... |

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Freedom from Work

Why Yuri Prater Takes His Job(s) Seriously

Modern society delights in hating on Millennials. Although plenty of research has shown that this generation is worse off financially than their parents, despite being more educated and skilled, a stereotype persists that they are lazy, entitled, and... |

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"Every Day Is an Opportunity"

How Kaitlynn Vincent Stands up for Merchants

It’s not easy to summarize what Kaitlynn Vincent does in her role at Gravity’s Boise-based subsidiary ChargeItPro. But, when she describes a typical day, phrases like “putting out fires,” “detective work,” and “diplomacy” spring to... |

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