One Night at Studio 54

Murray Tanner Shares the Story of How He Opened New York’s Most Infamous Nightclub

“We did not walk to the club in our g-strings,” Murray Tanner clarifies. “Once we got to the club, we changed into them back stage.” After donning the silver thongs–and little else–Murray and seven other scantily clad men mounted... |

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The Space Beyond Fear

How I Conquered My Self-Doubt

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch “I’m not sure what I would say.” That was my response when my history teacher asked me to enter a state-wide essay contest about the Holocaust during my junior year of... |

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Road Warrior

James Kemp's Solo Trek out West

In December 2017, James Kemp’s parents informed him that they were moving to England. The move made sense; that’s where they were from and James himself had been born in Surrey before his family moved to the United States when he was three years... |

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Code Nerd

How the Recession Helped Grant MacLeod Discover His Dream Job

Growing up in Santa Cruz, California, Grant MacLeod knew from an early age that he didn’t quite fit in. “I would describe Santa Cruz as a skater or surfer-bum town,” he says. “It’s very relaxed, almost like an upscale hippie town. But I... |

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Freedom from Work

Why Yuri Prater Takes His Job(s) Seriously

Modern society delights in hating on Millennials. Although plenty of research has shown that this generation is worse off financially than their parents, despite being more educated and skilled, a stereotype persists that they are lazy, entitled, and... |

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