Alternative Education

How Mitch Esplin Launched an Amazing Career at Gravity without a College Degree

Mitch Esplin is still surprised. It’s been five years since he began working at this company, and he still can’t believe it. Talking to him, you get the sense he wakes up each morning feeling a little like Rip Van Winkle. “It’s hard to... |

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Fostering Hope

How Faith Inspired Tanya Williamson to Become a Foster Parent

For Tanya Williamson, the decision to become a foster parent was not a choice but a calling. Her passion for helping at-risk youth began back in college when she worked as a volunteer at a summer program for kids about to enter their first year of high... |

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Music Man

Jared Spears's Wide-Ranging Passion for Music

Jared Spears’s interest in music developed largely out of necessity. Growing up in Fallbrook, California, the self-proclaimed “Avocado Capital of the World,” there was very little for a young boy to do except eat guacamole, attend the annual... |

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An Open Book with an Open Mind

April Gracz on Extroversion, Judgment, and Living by the Golden Rule

April Gracz will be the first person to tell you she’s an extrovert. “I can make a new best friend anywhere,” she says. “I’m an open book.” She’ll also be the first person to tell you that these traits have come in handy throughout her... |

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One Night at Studio 54

Murray Tanner Shares the Story of How He Opened New York’s Most Infamous Nightclub

“We did not walk to the club in our g-strings,” Murray Tanner clarifies. “Once we got to the club, we changed into them back stage.” After donning the silver thongs–and little else–Murray and seven other scantily clad men mounted... |

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