How much are you paying in credit card fees?

Business finance wisdom from Gravity's Ashlie Blaske

Credit card processing statements can be confusing and hard to decipher. A really quick way to determine how much of your monthly processing is being paid out as credit card processing fees is to calculate your Effective Rate.  The math is pretty... |

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Interviews with Things: Virtual Terminal

Part of our ongoing conversations with the technology that makes our work possible

This week we sat down with Virtual Terminal, a key asset in any merchant’s processing arsenal. Take a look at how Virtual got started, how they benefit merchants, and their surprising dream job.  Gravity Payments: Welcome to the blog. We’re... |

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"Dear Gravity": Advice for the lovelorn merchant

We get letters

Dear Gravity, I’ve been burned by credit card processors before. They’ve promised me the world only to hide fees in the fine print, stick me with iron-clad contracts, advise me to lease equipment only to end up paying more money than if I just had... |

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