Tax Tips for Small Business Owners

Save Money, Save Time, and Make Your Business More Efficient

“Nothing is certain but death and taxes.” What is also certain? Preparing for tax season–especially if you’re a small business owner–can be a real (and possibly expensive) pain in the neck. But it doesn’t have to be. We talked to a... |

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Work at a CPA Firm? You Need These 4 Things.

Credit Card Processing Solutions That Add Up

Now that your CPA firm’s “busy” season is over (hopefully) and you’ve served your clients’ best interests, it’s time to start thinking about how you can best serve your CPA firm. As a CPA firm, your clients trust you to have all the numbers... |

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Wait. I Can Deduct That?

5 Tax Deductions Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Tip #1: Like a Boy Scout. Be Prepared.   Like tax season, summertime is a busy time of year for Gravity. So we prepare by keeping inventory stocked and paperwork organized. To help you mitigate the risk of filing incorrectly or missing out on... |

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Your Customer’s Mind is Changing

On-Demand, Gig-Economy, Amazon and Netflix is Manipulating the Mind of the Consumer

On-Demand mixed with the gig-economy is coming for your small business in ways you might not have expected in 2017. On-Demand delivery has grown larger each year as a result of the booming gig-economy. For those who don’t know, a business that... |

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10 Simply Genius Ways to Grow Your Business

1. Add an expansion to your business or open up a new location Before thinking about expanding, ensure your current location is running smoothly and growing steadily. If all of that is working, treat an expansion or new location like you’re opening... |

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