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Interview & Tips from Gravity Payments' Senior Security Engineer Mick Grove

Is Your Business Security at Risk? | Risky Business Ep 00

Mick Grove and Dan Carroll discuss business security and whether or not small businesses are at risk of attack.

Is Your Business Security at Risk: Video Interview


Interview Full Transcript:

Dan Carroll: At Gravity we specialize a lot with small and mid size businesses. Lets say I own a small business no one is coming after me right? Lets say I own a massage business and I sell online gift cards, so I take payments online or something like that. Its just Dan’s Massages, why are we concerned about that? No one is coming after my business right? Everyone is going after Target.

Mick Grove: Thats what people presume that small businesses aren’t a target and in fact they are primarily because criminals and attackers know that Target and well now-a-days Target, and Amazon, and Google, these companies spend a lot of money security. They have a lot of security engineers to protect themselves. But small and mid-size businesses don’t.

Dan Carroll: Let me ask you a question really quick, do you think the attack on Target was an accident and that somebody just got the wrong “target”?

*Mick laughs*

Dan Carroll: Go on.

Mick Grove: So when I am thinking of small and mid-size businesses I am thinking they are excellent targets for attack. They don’t have a lot of security people, they have a lot of valuable assets. Whether in customer information or just physically assets that they protect on premise.

Dan Carroll: So are we not only talking cyber-security, we are talking physical-security?

Mick Grove: It’s both, there have been cases in Seattle where a physical attack has lead to a computerized or a cyber style attack.

Dan Carroll: So people are like breaking into computers like in the movie ˆWeird Science”?

Mick Grove: It is kind of like Tron and that is the hard part.

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