When Life Gives You A "Blueberry", Make Quality Baby Formula

Interview with Viveca Smith, Founder of Baby Blu Organics

Gravity Payments has always supported small businesses, and we are proud to have Baby Blu Organics as one of our merchants. Baby Blu Organics provides baby formula that is free of GMO’s or sweeteners that can be unhealthy to a growing baby.

Viveca Smith, the founder of Baby Blu, started the company because, as a new mom, she wanted to ensure she was feeding her daughter the right foods that provided her with nutrients and protected her from unnecessary chemicals.  But what makes Baby Blu unique is that they source 100% of their materials directly from Germany.

We heard about her story from Daniel on our Sales Development team, and we immediately knew we had to reach out to learn more. Viveca was able to take the time to answer some of our questions and we were excited to share her responses with you!

How did Baby Blu Organics get started?babyblulogo

Two years ago, my husband and I were living in Germany teaching at an international school when we gave birth to our baby girl Vyla. She was born three weeks early, which made keeping up with her feeding needs difficult. I talked to our pediatrician, and she said, “Be happy you are in Germany; we have the best quality formula in the world.” From that moment, I began researching the ingredients in both European and US formulas.

I found that in most cases, US baby formula contains GMO’s, synthetic DHA/ARA, and corn syrup or other types of sweeteners—and they were labelled organic. On the other hand, European formulas follow much stricter quality control standards with German-produced Holle and Le benswert brands were the most pure on the market. Supplementing nursing with these quality products gave me peace of mind, and they helped Vyla gain weight and sleep for longer intervals.

Can you tell us what inspired your decision to source your products from Germany?

Holle products can be difficult to locate even in Europe. We discovered this when we were travelling and ran out of formula. We ended up having to purchase other brands which were often hard on Vyla’s digestive system. It was even more challenging when we were in the US. We couldn’t find Holle products here and the organic US brands were upsetting our baby’s tummy. That’s how the idea of Baby Blu Organics began: bringing quality baby formula to supplement US babies’ nutritional needs.

Where can customers find your product?

Holle products are not available in stores and sell out quickly online. We have a reliable supplier in Germany who ships directly to Baby Blu Organics in the US. They can be conveniently ordered on our website: www.babybluorganics.com at prices that are competitive with the formulas available in grocery stores.

What made you want to work with Daniel and Gravity Payments? 

I wanted Baby Blu Organics to be supported by a company committed to customer service for small business owners and their customers. I read great reviews about your customer service, and I loved the philosophy of your CEO, Dan Price.  So far, the customer service has been friendly, efficient, and immediate. I don’t have to wait on time zones and office hours. I get a prompt, human reply every time.  Thanks Gravity!babyblufam

What’s one thing that you have learned since starting your business?

Development takes longer than you think and that creativity, flexibility, and problem solving are needed to launch a great product.

What is one fun fact you would like your customers to know about Baby Blu?

The name Baby Blu Organics was inspired by our daughter’s middle name.  When we found out we were having a baby, we read that she was the size of a blueberry. So throughout my pregnancy, we referred to her as “blueberry.” We grew so attached to calling her “baby blu” that we decided to make Blu her middle name, and from that Baby Blu Organics was born!