INTERNET MERCHANTS — IMPORTANT NOTICE: Visa and MasterCard have set a minimum standard requirement for accepting credit cards on the internet. In order to avoid a significant delay in the settlement of your funds, please ensure that your website has the following seven (7) items completed prior to the commencement of your credit card processing:

Urgent! You must contact your sales representative immediately upon completing the below (7) internet requirements to avoid further funding delays!

  1. Refund/Cancellation Policy
  2. Privacy Policy
  3. Terms & Conditions listed
  4. Products & the Corresponding Pricing listed
  5. 128‐bit SSL page(s) where personal and credit card information is obtained (usually provided by a shopping cart or gateway)
  6. Telephone Customer Service contact number within a “Contact Us” section
  7. Shipping & Handling method and shipping delivery time after the sale