Make integrating to Gravity easy

Easy Integrator is a desktop application that lets your POS communicate transaction information to an external gateway or hardware device.

Why choose Easy Integrator?

You don’t have to worry about securing credit card data, integrating new hardware devices, or changing industry regulations.

Our EasyIntegrator API is available in two versions

Both APIs support the same properties, methods, and functionalities. Pick the one that meets the requirements of your programming environment or your own preference.

Win32 ActiveX OCX library – cipwin32.ocx

x86 .NET DLL library – cipeinet.dll


Provide your users with a simplified payment experience

  • 24/7 user support
  • Securely process payments
  • Remove unnecessary processes

Device emulator

Simulate the functions of a typical credit card processing device without the need to obtain and install physical hardware.

Signature-capture Supplement

You don’t have to interface with the signature-capture device directly. The API handles all communications.

Fast transactions

Save your users time by allowing them to process more payments, faster.

Easy to get started

After you contact us, a dedicated relationship manager will work directly with you to ensure you have a smooth integration and your users have a seamless payment experience.

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