Standalone Device

Clover® Station Pro


The Station Pro includes three components:

Station Pro Terminal: A 7" customer-facing terminal that is similar to the Mini and provides all the computing power of the Station Pro setup. The terminal provides all payment functions (with EMV chip, NFC, and MSR technologies) without the need for a printer, as it's not intended to be a standalone device.

Station Pro Display: A 14" merchant-facing display that looks similar to the Station 2018. The display is used for all business functions without the need for the swivel functionality.

Printer: A standalone printer. Unlike the Station 2018 printer, the Station Pro printer does not require a customer-facing screen or tap-to-pay technologies, as the terminal handles these functions.

Key features

  • EMV-ready
  • Embedded NFC reader
  • Fully Wi-Fi capable
Clover Station Pro

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