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“They were on top of our every need and made our experience amazing! They constantly stayed in touch and followed up to ensure things went smoothly! Our experience with Gravity has been awesome!”

— Cindy C.

King Kong Comics & Games

Pleasanton, Calif.

“So sweet”

“They have been amazing. So sweet and know what they’re talking about and are very eager to help us in any way we need.

— Kevin B.

Easy Lift Door Company

Sacramento, Calif.

“Your staff are always there to help”

Just wanted to say “thank you” to be passed along to your customer service staff, who are awesome. We have not had to call for help very often, because your services are so seamless, but when we have the occasional service need, your staff are always there to help and they always find a solution to whatever problem arises. Our nonprofit has never had a better experience with customer service anywhere, so please let your entire staff know that we appreciate them!”

— Karen Leslie

The Pet Fund

Sacramento, Calif.


“Blows me out of the water”

Every time my rep comes in and reviews the rates that we currently have just blows me out of the water. What company lowers rates for loyalty!!!

— Lendy

Koi Catering



“Couldn’t have asked for a better experience!”

They are fabulous! They provided excellent customer service and were patient while explaining/teaching us the products and services. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

— Robert M.

Golf Your Way

Eagle, ID


“Very helpful”

“All their employees were professional and very helpful. Easiest software install in a long time.”

— Daniel W.

Advantage Trailer

Carol Stream, Ill.


“Highly recommend”

The team was very responsive and explained the process, fees, and timeframe. I would highly recommend the Gravity team.

— Tifany M.

Manion + Associates Architects

Bethesda, Md.


“So happy”

They’re fantastic! I couldn’t have asked for a better first experience! I’m happy to be doing business with Gravity!”

— Keith F.

Profilo Day Spa

Westborough, Mass.

New Jersey

“Much faster”

Compared to what I was using, Gravity Payments is logical, much faster to put in charges, and I can save customer info for future visits.”

— Stephen T.

MD Freud

Marlboro, N.J.

New York

“Our savings will be in the thousands MONTHLY”

“Based on the report I got back from Gravity, our savings will be in the thousands MONTHLY. Only into the switch a few days, so far it was painless!”

— Denise B.

North Westchester Veterinary Office

Cortlandt Manor, N.Y.

North Carolina

“Highly recommend”

Gravity’s customer service is fantastic and was a big factor in deciding to make the switch. We’ve been very happy with how easily they got us set up. Highly recommend.

— Jocelyn R.

Beaufort Veterinary Hospital

Beaufort, N.C.

“The right decision”

“It’s a pleasure to do business with a company that has great people on their team. It made me feel I had made the right decision to go with Gravity Payments.”

— Susan C.

Neuse General Store

Raleigh, N.C.


“Gold stars”

The Gravity team was fantastic. They get gold stars from me. They were so helpful, pleasant, and professional.

— Elizabeth Kinsel

Creature Comforts Veterinary Center

Carroll, Ohio


“A reputable company”

“Everybody we talked to at Gravity Payments was extremely helpful. This industry is full of con artists, but I know we have teamed up with a reputable company in Gravity.”

— Gavin P.

Tropical Greenery

Fort Worth, Texas

“Extraordinarily great”

They were extraordinarily great during the whole process, very knowledgeable, very prompt with responses to my questions.

— Norris M.

Cooperstown Cages

Fort Worth, Texas



“They were awesome and took care of my business. Not sure I could have asked for more.”

— David D.


American Fork, Utah


“Your team rocks”

Your team rocks, simple as that.

The Gravity team sets the standard by which we measure service providers.

— Charles H.

Theo Chocolate


“Looking out for your best interests”

It is rare in this business that you actually find a company or sales person who is looking out for your best interests.

I believe both Gravity Payments and [my sales rep] fit into this category. Their sole purpose is to make your business run the way it should. They charge a fair price for their services and leave you with the rest. There are no hidden fees, no funny charges, and no money going back to an outside entity. Once you receive your first monthly statement, you too will wonder why you didn’t make this move a long time ago.

— Cameron V.

The Daisy Cafe

Bellingham, Wash.

“Readily available to return phone calls at midnight”

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter with the intent to give unsolicited recommendation to [my sales rep ] and Gravity Payments for all their help and service.

As co-owner of a small business, (and the partner who is responsible for all the financials and paperwork) I know how important it is to have an honest relationship with the people who help fill your banking needs. In my experience, this can be one of the trickiest areas to negotiate, and also seems to have more than its fair share of people who aren’t looking out for the best interests of the business owner. I was fortunate enough to encounter Gravity Payments, and David in particular, who alleviated this concern for me entirely.

I am part of an employee owned cooperative that formed an LLC and purchased The Black Drop Coffeehouse from the original owners on Christmas Eve, 2009. None of the three of us had any previous experience owning a business, but I had 12 years of management experience and I had been put in charge of learning the books. Cost benefit analysis was a big part of what I set out to learn, and from the very first look, it seemed that Gravity Payments definitely was the company who would give us the most options for the lowest price. However, having a new team meant a new start, so I was tasked with finding our other options for credit card processing. Without going into the entire saga in detail, we soon realized that the point of sale system we were inheriting (bought and paid for by the original owners) would not transfer all the existing services to the new LLC, and would in fact require thousands of dollars for a license transfer on outdated software. This also would require an additional fee for the software we were already using to process credit cards, imposed by the POS system company.

Having already sunk all our beginning capital into the closing fees and other associated costs of starting a new LLC and buying an existing one, we were kind of beside ourselves for a solution. I called David several times during the weeks before takeover, and each time, he was patient and kind as well as offering suggestions and helping me run down avenues that might cost us less money up front.

After weeks of research and several calls and emails, David arranged for Gravity to loan us a stand-alone credit card processing unit, at no charge. They not only got it to us within 2 days, but technicians were readily available to return phone calls at midnight on a weekday so that we could get our credit card processing up and running for our big grand opening bash.

The patient people in Gravity’s tech department walked us through each step with clear instructions, and have solved every problem we have had (very few, to be honest) with the same speed and efficiency.

We were so impressed with our service through Gravity that even if they hadn’t been the lowest priced option we still would have kept them because David took the time to build that relationship with us and his company delivered on his promises.

When our point of sale system died, David was the first call I made, and he made several recommendations for new systems, even doing some of my research for me. After an extensive search, (and several quotes from other companies that had claimed to have the lowest prices, which were still higher than Gravity’s fees) we went with a system that would require an additional purchase of a non-included software program so that we could continue to use Gravity payments.

The money I save each month (On average, about $100 below the lowest quoted competing price for my volume) was well worth the expense. More important even than the savings is the knowledge that if I have any problems or even an idea to increase my business, I can call or email David, I know that within 24 hours, he will have a well thought out response with several options available.

He even responds to texts we send him with questions, usually within the hour. So far, in my sum total of 12 years of management experience and my year as a small business owner, I have yet to deal with another vendor as pleasant or approachable as Gravity, and have also yet to find a representative as sincere, genuine, or helpful.

I’d happily recommend Gravity for any local businesses, because they really seem to understand the need to build relationships with their customers that our local business movement embodies. I know that dealing with things like credit card processing can be confusing and overall not a pleasant experience, but I can tell you from personal observation that they made my job so much easier. I fully trust their company, and they have done nothing but further my already high opinion of them during the last year.


— Stephanie O.

Co-Owner, Black Drop Coffeehouse

Bellingham, Wash.


This transition was so flawless.

— Jyun S.

Cocoon Float Pods

Bellevue, Wash.

“Proud to be your customer”

I love Gravity Payments and feel happy and proud to be your customer.

— Gudrun O.

Spectrum Life Coach


“I’m telling everyone I know”

I’m telling everyone I know about you guys! Thank you so much not only for the service you provide, but for they way you model business in the world.

— Debra H.

Debra Renee Massage



“I know the name of my own personal representative”

The competitive rates and low fees are not the most important feature about Gravity. Their service is outstanding. I know the name of my own personal representative. When I call or email, he responds quickly. He’s friendly. He explains the sometimes confusing subject of credit card processing in a way I can understand. I really like knowing who I am going to be dealing with every time I contact the company; this has never been the case in the past with other companies.

— Amy A.

Burlington Longview Animal Hospital, Inc.

Burlington, Wis.


“The importance of good customer service”

“It is great being able to call and connect with a person right away who knows our account, understands our needs, and can answer our questions. What a relief to have a credit card processor that understands the importance of good customer service.”

— Maria P.

Big Hollow Food Coop

Laramie, Wyo.

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