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Questions for Creative Briefs

Discovery Questions

Who is our audience?

What problem are we trying to solve for them?

How are they trying to solve it now?

What “villain” keeps them from solving it?

What’s the risk if they don’t solve it?

Why should they care about our solution?

What objections do they have to our solution?

What’s their state of awareness? (Our goal is to move them to the next state.)

Where will they encounter our copy? (How will it be read?)

What’s the single most compelling message that must be communicated?

What’s going on in the marketplace?

What makes the solution remarkable?

What do we want prospects to think, feel, and do?

Is there anything else we could do or make to help the prospect solve their problem?

What would make people share it?

What assets can we take advantage of?

What story do our prospects tell themselves about this brand?

What words do our prospects use to communicate about themselves, or the problem they have?

What is the truest thing we can say about this product or service?

Ethnographic Questionnaire

Tell me about you and what you do.

What was your initial experience with [the client]?

How do you work with them now?

Can you name 5 words you’d use to describe [the client]?

What’s changed for you since you started working with them?

In your workflow, how much time do you spend interacting with them?

Have you recommended them to other people?

Can you describe the service they provide?

If tomorrow, [the client] said, “We’re closing up shop,” how would you feel?

How would you replace them?

On a scale of 1-10, how strongly do you feel about [the client]? “10” means you can’t live without them.

What other brands does [the client] remind you of?

Close your eyes. Imagine you’re at a cocktail party. What is [the client] like? Are they the person on a table? A wallflower?

Can you tell me a story about [the client]?

Find a small moment. E.g.: Can you recall a time recently where you did something that you just would’ve never been able to do or have the confidence to do [before] and it occurred to you, “Wow, I’m actually doing this?”

Anything else we should know?

Not sure where to start?

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