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Guidance for Gravity Bloggers

Thank you for sharing your expertise!

Your work enriches the site and serves our customers and prospects. Here are some reminders for writing.

Remember: It should be fun. 🙂

The blog does a number of things for us, including:

  • Demonstrate our expertise. Subjects range from processing and finance to software development, diversity, and leadership.
  • Show our humanity. We are a collection of real people working toward a common goal.
  • Improve our search rankings.
  • Invite prospects and fans to share their email address with us and keep in touch.
  • Serve our brand vision of devotion to independent merchants.

Posts can be short and sweet! What questions are customers asking most? What are the common frustrations? Can you write a how-to article? What themes or topics are coming up again and again? Have you recently written a long email or given a presentation that can be turned into a post?

You can let the team know your publishing cadence. Weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.

You can cross-post from your own blog, if you have one.

Your post will include a byline, photo, and link to your Gravity bio page.

We’ll link to your post from our other social media channels.

The topics and overall direction of the content is up to you. One way to organize content could be to create an “e-book in reverse” — where, after a year, we could assemble your posts into a how-to guide on a particular topic. But that’s not at all a requirement.

Talk to the marketing team if you’d like ideas or help with the writing.

Thanks again!

Not sure where to start?

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