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Gravity Instant


Pricing Promise



There are two things that set us apart as a company.

Our consultative approach

What makes Gravity different as a company?
We take a consultative approach, which means you get the trust, confidence, and peace of mind from knowing that expert help is available 24/7.

Our support team

Expert human help is just seconds away — always
It takes less than 30 seconds, on average, to reach one of our in-house support experts. You never have to wonder what to do if you have questions. We’ll be here for you, 24/7. And we’ll never make you talk to a robot.



Key features (and some benefits), and how we describe them.

Automated Reporting
See all your transactions online. (No more manual data entry or boxes of receipts.)

Card Account Updater
Outdated card numbers are automatically updated, preventing any disruption to recurring charges.

Card Storage
PCI-compliant card storage tokenizes and encrypts data for future payments.

Data Security
PCI-compliant technology supports tokenization, end-to-end encryption, and EMV.

Send electronic invoices for credit card payment via Gravity.

Eliminate Errors
Integration removes errors caused by re-entering transaction data.

Email Payment Link
Email your customers a link to pay. Convenient for them. Efficient for you.

EMV Optimization
Process EMV payments quickly and securely.

Fast Transactions
Accept payments quickly and easily with our seamless checkout process.

Free 24/7 Support
Expert, in-house human support is available anytime. We don’t do robots.

Integrated Gift Cards
Accept gift cards to build your customer base and increase sales.

No Hidden Fees
No nasty surprises. Just total visibility into payments.

Online Payments
Seamlessly integrate online ticket sales, memberships, group sales and ecommerce.

Payment Portal
Allow your customers to pay from anywhere via a custom portal.

Recurring Billing
Steady your cash flow and never worry about when to charge your customers.

Run It Remotely
Accept and process payments, even when you’re away from work.

Signature Capture
Capture eSignatures and apply them to invoices, recurring purchases, and other important documents.

Streamline and Save
Payment integration reduces the hassles and fees associated with multiple accounts.

Text to Pay
Text your customers a link where they can review an invoice and make a payment.


Gravity Instant Highlights

Process Clearly

Just $99 per month + a nickel a swipe + interchange. It’s a subscription pricing model (think Netflix for credit card processing) that’s clear and convenient — the way credit card processing should be. It’s a huge help when budgeting your monthly finances.

Process With What You Have

Are you attached to the way you currently swipe, dip, or tap credit cards? We don’t want to ruin a good thing. Gravity Instant lets you keep your existing processing device or upgrade to a new Clover at a very nice discount. The choice is yours!

Process Without The Process

Do you need to accept payments quickly and/or don’t want to talk to a salesperson? We get it! You can open a merchant account today and get processing in less than a week. But if you want a more personal touch, one of our friendly specialists will guide you through the sign-up process here.

Process With Real People

In a world of automation, we still believe in human support. That’s why you’ll never talk to a robot or get stuck in a phone tree. You’ll just get real people solving real problems 24 hours, 7 days a week.



You don’t have the time to switch.

We get it. That’s why we do all the heavy lifting. Just chat with us for five to ten minutes and let us know your current situation. We’ll do the calculating, brainstorming, fact-finding, processing, shipping, and cost-saving measures to get you switched over. (We even added an online sign-up process to make this even quicker!)

You’ve been fooled before.

Yes, our industry has a way of doing that. It’s incredibly rude and goes against our values. That’s why we don’t talk, we listen. We work with you and your processing situation, not what’s best for us. We’re even honest enough to let you know if we can’t beat a great deal you’re already getting. And if you want to side-step the whole slimy salesperson (though we don’t believe in bamboozlement!) you can sign up completely online.

You’re already getting great rates.

That’s awesome! We can usually meet your current rates (and often beat them!), but we also have an insanely accessible (24/7!) support team who will always help you in a pinch, plus small-business lending, a toolbox of helpful content, integrated payments, gift and loyalty programs, and so much more to make sure you’re as successful as possible.


Pricing Promise

We promise to never snake charm you with one rate and then bamboozle you with another at the end of the month.

We promise to always have your back by not hiding nasty little terms or conditions in microscopic print.

We promise to always try to meet or beat your current credit card processing rates.

We promise to tell you when we can’t beat a great deal you’re already getting.




Credit cards
Get transparent, seamless processing with insanely helpful support.

Accept payments anywhere with our solutions for tablets, smartphones, and more.

We take the time to match the right point-of-sale system to your business.

We’ll help you provide a safe, easy online shopping experience for your customers.


Gift and loyalty cards
Build awareness, encourage return visits, and decrease losses.

Working capital
Get funding without the red tape and fees of a bank loan.


Not sure where to start?

Let us help! We’ll find the right solution for your business.