Card Storage

Tokenize and encrypt data for future payments

If you rely on recurring billing, need to cancel transactions, run card not present transactions, or chase down account receivable payments, your business may benefit from card-storage capabilities.

Card storage securely saves customer data, so you don’t have to waste time manually processing hundreds of card numbers. (Note: Card storage is a prerequisite for our Card Account Updater.)

Which businesses benefit most?

Card storage will make life easier for a number of industries, including:
  • Auto dealerships
  • Construction/general contracting
  • Charities/nonprofits
  • Daycare/childcare
  • Debt collection
  • Education
  • Gyms
  • Healthcare/medical
  • Industrial equipment rentals
  • Law firms
  • Lawn care/landscaping
  • Marinas
  • Parking lots
  • Software subscriptions
  • Storage lots
  • Subscription-box services
  • Property management
  • Vehicle sales
  • Web hosting

How does card storage work?

Card data is stored in the business management software as a secure alphanumeric token.

The system passes the token to Gravity Payments, where we use it to do a look-up, process the card, and send back the result.

Customer card data is protected at each step by multiple levels of security.

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