Card Account Updater

When card data changes, stored data should, too.

Many businesses need to store customer card data — for recurring dues, subscriptions, wellness plans, and the like. The problems come when you need to chase down customers and get them to manually update their information. Or, when you lose recurring revenue due to service disruptions or non-renewals.

Gravity’s Card Account Updater helps you solve both problems. Whenever there’s a change in a customer’s card information, our system contacts the card issuer and updates the card details automatically.

Card Account Updater

Which businesses benefit most?

Card Account Updater (CAU) will make life easier for any industry that uses recurring billing, including:
  • Auto dealerships
  • Construction/general contracting
  • Charities/nonprofits
  • Daycare/childcare
  • Debt collection
  • Education
  • Gyms
  • Healthcare/medical
  • Industrial equipment rentals
  • Law firms
  • Lawn care/landscaping
  • Marinas
  • Parking lots
  • Software subscriptions
  • Storage lots
  • Subscription-box services
  • Property management
  • Vehicle sales
  • Web hosting

How Does Card Account Updater Work?

As a transaction closes, out-of-date card data is updated to be current.

This allows a merchant to continue to charge recurring transactions to people who have begun using a new card.

Without Card Account Updater, the transaction would be declined. The merchant would need to get in touch with the customer to update their info and store a new token to continue recurring billing.

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