We realize we are only human at Gravity, and we are continually looking for ways to grow and improve as individuals and as a company. To do that as successfully as possible, we put structures in place to keep all of us accountable. One of those structures is a one-question survey sent out weekly by a company called TINYpulse. They are doing great things to contribute to the improvement of workplace culture and create thriving communities.

Their service enables our team at Gravity to provide anonymous feedback on how those in leadership positions are serving the company and helping create a more unique culture. Our team can rate different aspects of Gravity’s culture such as communication, transparency, personal development, and more on a scale from one to ten. It also allows us to give each other cheers, where we are able to recognize people who have gone above and beyond to create a special level of service for our clients. The combination of those two things is very powerful, and it is an important part of our success and culture. TINYpulse has played a part in helping us achieve that.

One interesting result we’ve tracked through TINYpulse is happiness levels at Gravity. Some speculated that the reason our CEO, Dan, raised the minimum wage was to buy our team’s happiness. In actuality, it was about improving lives and alleviating financial worry and distraction. Although Gravity’s happiness rate climbed to historic levels immediately after the $70K decision, as expected, it dipped back down to normal levels a few months later. Thanks to TINYpulse, we were able to disprove the critics speculation.

There is one more feature in TINYpulse that has been extremely beneficial to improving our culture – a “Suggestions” section. Below are suggestions that have been made by our team and implemented:

  • Bought radios for our company bathrooms after feedback that they were too quiet.
  • Started purchasing cereal for our kitchen after feedback for more breakfast options.
  • Through our in-office communicator, Slack, we started posting birthdays and work anniversaries in our “General” channel to eliminate the need of sending so many cards around the office. We got feedback that a few members on our team really valued the personal touch of the cards, so we brought birthday and anniversary cards back!
  • A member on our team wanted us to encourage more walking meetings, so we sent an email with different walking paths people could take around the office.
  • Our remote employees wanted us to find a way for them to feel more involved in in-office meetings. So, we started to film meetings and send them out to our reps in different markets.

If you want to learn more about TINYpulse, head to TINYcon on September 19. Dan will be interviewed by TINYpulse’s CEO, David Niu, on how Gravity has used their service to keep our team engaged and improve our culture. Join the movement with other next-gen leaders who are reinventing employee engagement and performance management.




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